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Simple Fix! “the disk structure is corrupted and unreadable ” – Disk Management

Recently I had a problem which was very frustrating. While in disk management, I was was trying to initialize an iSCSI disk. Every time I tried, it would throw the message “the disk is corrupt and unreadable”. I found the solution and it’s too easy to not share.


I found the fix here: Windows Server 2008 installation fails with “The computer could not find a valid system volume”

  1. Start out by logging into your server
  2. Run “Computer Management ” (Start -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management)
  3. Check out “disk 3” in the image below. As you can see disk 3 is offline.
  4. If you click “Online” it throws this box:

Solving the Problem:

On your host.

  1. Start up the command prompt and run the following commands:
    san policy = OnlineAll
    exit diskpart
  2. In Computer Management -> disk Management, right click on the Disk that is giving you  problems -> properties
  3. Write down the location of the Problem disk
  4. Open Device Manager -> under Disk Drives
  5. Find the Problem disk by location comparison
  6. Once you find the Problem disk -> right click and uninstall
  7. Open Disk Management -> right click -> rescan
  8. Initialize your disk’s now, they should work!

Posted by on April 5, 2011 in Windows Server 2008