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The task sequence has been suspended [Solution]

Recently I was re-imaging a computer and I came accross an unusual error.

*This picture was taken from google images.

For extra clarity here is what the message says:

  • The task sequence has been suspended.
  • Litetouch has encountered an Environment Error (Boot into WinPE!).
  • If booting from a USB Flash Disk, please remove all drives before Retrying.
  • Otherwise, ensure the hard disk is selected first in the boot order of the BIOS.
  • Reboot WinPE (Close all windows) to resume.

Solution to this error:

I found the solution on this site: The Decoder Wheel. For reference, here are the steps:
  • Note: This will delete all information on disk 0.
  • Hit F8 at the error message, this will bring up the command prompt.
  • Type diskpart
  • Type Select disk 0
  • Type clean    (hit enter)
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