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Net Stop 5 (Pro) Kiosk Set Up Instructions

This blog post covers setting up a kiosk computer running Netstop Pro. Students use the computer to watch video tutorials on chemistry experiments. When they finish, the kiosk will print a certificate stating they finished the tutorial. The purpose of Netstop is to ensure that unauthenticated users can’t abuse access to the networked machine.

A few things to note:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 64bit
  • Domain: KioskDomain
  • Software: NetstopPro latest build

Setting up the computer and users on the Domain:

  1. Ensure the “kioskPc” is connected to the domain.
  2. Open “Active Directory Users and Computers”.
  3. Make sure the KioskPC is connected to your Domain, and that it’s in the correct OU per your organizational standards.
  4. Create a new user for the kiosk. This will be the user what the kiosk automatically logs in as when it boots. I’ve named my user “DomainUser”.

  5. Ensure that the DomainUser account is not set as a Domain Administrator.

Preparing the computer.

  1. Start with a fresh install of Windows 7 SP1 64 bit, fully patched.
  2. Logon as the local administrator.
  3. Under “User Account Settings”, turn “User Account Control settings” to “Never Notify”.

Installing Netstop Pro:

  1. Logon to the computer as the local administrator. If you install as a domain administrator, the install will proceed without warning but secure mode will not work with a limited user account.
  2. Double Click “NetstopSetup_370.exe”. After the installer starts Click “Next”.
  3. Accept the License Agreement and click next.
  4. Select Destination Location and start menu folder click next.
  5. At the final screen click install.
  6. Installation will finish and when it does choose “Restart now”.
  7. After the restart log in as the local administrator.
  8. There should be two new icons on your desktop, “Designer Pro” and “ShellPro”. Designer Pro is used for setting up how ShellPro will function.

Configuring ShellPro

  1. I’m going to concentrate on the important sections of Designer Pro and leave the rest up to you to set up (graphical interface stuff).
  2. Open Designer Pro, find and expand “Access”, then click “Keyboard Settings”.
    • Uncheck “Enable Key Control” and any boxes under “Suppressed Key Combinations”.
    • Check “Allow Disabling”, this allows you to unlock ShellPro. Set four keys that will allow disabling.
  3. The reason we unchecked the “Enable Key Control” setting is for testing purposes. When first using Netstop Pro, I locked myself out of the program multiple times. This happens because in secure mode the ctrl-alt-del function is disabled. Even after a reboot the computer will still be in secure mode.
  4. Still under “Access” scroll down and click “Admin Password”. Choose a password for “Admin Password (full and Limited)”.
  5. Under “Access” right below “Admin Password”, select “Windows XP/Vista/7 Secure Mode User”. These are very important steps, if these are done incorrectly, you may be locked out of your computer!
  6. Under “Kiosk Secure Mode User”, for “User” enter DomainUser, for password type DomainUser’s Windows logon password. For the domain type kioskDomain.
  7. For the “Admin Account {Reboot to Desktop}”, the user will be the local administrator or just “administrator” and the password will be the local administrator’s windows logon password. Leave the Domain blank.
  8. This is enough to get this up and running, close Designer Pro.
  9. Open Shellpro. My home screen looks like so.
  10. Now as you can see there isn’t much going on here, that’s good! To unlock your computer from ShellPro you must hit your disabling keys, then directly afterward type in your “Admin Password”, set in step 4. After the password is entered, ShellPro will present a menu.
  11. Choose “Reboot to Secure Mode”. After reboot, the Domain User (DomainUser) will be logged in automatically and ShellPro should start up right after the logon screen.
  12. If for some reason ShellPro doesn’t run (i.e. blank black/blue screen), Press ctrl-alt-del and login as “administrator”, this should make ShellPro start. From here you can open the menu and “Reboot to Desktop”, which will return you to the desktop. If you experience this “blank screen”, go through this guide again and see if you missed anything.
  13. When everything is set up how you want it, remember to go back to the “keyboard settings” and disable keys that you do not want the user to be able to use.
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