Install Dell MD Storage vCenter Plug-in

27 Dec

This blog post is about integrating vCenter with your Dell PowerVault storage array. This particular software enables storage system management and configuration avoiding having to flip back and forth from MD Storage Manger (array management software for MD storage arrays). This is a relatively painless process that doesn’t take long to setup.

Getting Started

Create a Service Account

Note: We have an Organizational Unit called “Service Accounts” that handles these type of accounts.

  1. Open Active Directory and navigate to your “Service Account” OU (or where ever you would like to make the account). Right Click the folder -> “New” -> “User”.
  2. Name the new user something like “service-dell_utils” and give the user a password.

Starting the Installation

  1. Open the  “dell-utils” VM and navigate to the plug-in installer (vcenterInstaller.exe).
  2. InstallAnywhere will start and finish. The vCenter Plugin main screen will appear. Select your language and hit “ok”.
  3. The introduction screen will appear, hit “Next”.
  4. The Copyright Statement will appear, hit “Next”
  5. Accept the terms and agreements and hit “Next”.
  6. A menu named “Pre-Installation Summary” will appear, confirm your settings and hit “Next”.
  7. A window will appear during the installation named “VMware ESX Provider”. This will inform you that a “VMware ESX Provider” has been deployed to your program files. This application will have to be manually installed on your ESX\ESXi Server to support SAS capabilities. Ignore this if using iSCSI.
  8. The Setup will finish. A menu will appear named “Enter the SSL and Non SSL Jetty Port Numbers”. Leave these values to default and hit “Next”.
  9. The next menu will ask you to enter the IP Address of the server that you are installing the plugin on. Input the IP address of your dell-utils VM and hit “Next”.
  10. The next menu will ask you to enter the IP Address of your vCenter server. Input the IP address in the box and hit “Next”
  11. The next step will ask for the administrative login to your vCenter server. Input the “service-dell_utils” account credentials.

Enable the Plug-In

  1. Open your vCenter Client and navigate to “Plug-ins” -> “Add Plugin”. Right click the “Dell MD Storage Array” item and choose “Enable”.
  2. Now that the plugin is enabled, navigate to “Home” and you will see your plugin under “Solutions and Applications”
  3. Click on the plugin icon and this should bring you to a screen that states “User is not authorized to use this plug-in”.

Configure Administrative Permissions

  1. Under the “View” tab, expand “Administration” and click on “Roles”.
  2. Click “Add Role” in the upper left. A menu will appear. Give the new role a title like “Storage Administrator”. Under Privileges, expand “Storage Administrator” and uncheck “Read Only”.
  3. Navigate to “Hosts and Clusters”, right click on the top “vCenter” cluster and hit “Add Permissions”.
  4. A menu called “Assign Permissions” will appear. On the right under “Assigned Role”, choose “Storage Administrator” in the drop down box.

Now you are ready to configure a Dell MD Storage Array.

Any Questions or comments, please feel free to comment!

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  1. Kevin

    July 13, 2015 at 7:50 pm

    Perfect solve! Thank you!


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