SCCM – Creating a Package

20 Mar

This post assumes that for the target package you have created a silent install batch file. The example application for this package is called “Putty”. If this doesn’t sound familiar, see my previous post named “SCCM Package – Putty“.

Create SCCM Package source directory

  1. First add a folder to your packages source directory. The packages source directory should be something like \\<ServerName>\<SourceDirectory>$\<Packages>\<Application>. Make the folder name the same as your application name, in my case I named the folder “Putty”.
  2. Copy your installer files and silent batch script into this new folder.

Creating the Package

  1. Open up the “ConfigMgr Console”.
  2. Expand “Site Database” on the left, then expand “Computer Management”.  Navigate to the “Software Distribution” Section. Expand this section and right click on “Packages” -> “New” -> “Package”.
  3. The “New Package Wizard” will appear. On the “General” scrren, enter a name for your package. The remainder of this page is optional.
  4. On the next screen called “Data Source”, check “This package contains source files” box. Under this option there will be another called “Source directory”, click the “Set” button to the right of the textbox. This should pop up a dialog that allows you to enter your network folder you made earlier. When finished, click “Ok” and “Next”.
  5. On the “Data Access” screen, leave everything to the defaults.
  6. On the “Distribution Settings” screen, click “Next”.
  7. On the “Reporting” screen, click “Next”.
  8. On the “Security” screen, click “Next”.
  9. On the “Summary” screen, click “Next.
  10. On the next screen called “Wizard Complete”, click “Close”.

Create the Program

  1. Navigate to your package and expand it.
  2. Right click on “Program” -> “New” -> “Program”.
  3. A screen called “New Program Wizard” will appear. Name the program “Install”. For “Command line”, enter the name of your silent install batch file. Under “Category” choose “Applications”.
  4. On the “Requirements” screen, set the estimated disk space the program will use and click “Next”.
  5. On the “Environment” screen, under “Program can run:”, select  “Whether or not a user is logged in” from the drop down menu.
  6. On the “Advanced” screen, check the box beside “Advertise this program to be installed from the Install Software task sequence without being advertised”.
  7. On the “Windows Installer” screen, I left everything to default. 
  8. On the “MOM Maintenance Mode” screen, check both boxes.
  9. On the “Summary” screen, shown is everything to be installed, hit “Next”.
  10. The program will install and finish, hit “Close”.

Manage Distribution Points

  1. In “ConfigMgr Console” find your package.
  2. Right click on the “Putty” package and choose “Manage Distribution Points”.
  3.  A screen called “Manage Distribution Points Wizard” will appear, click the “Next” button.
  4. On the “Select Destination Distribution” screen, select “Copy the package to new distribution points”.
  5. On the “Package” screen. Under the “Distribution Points” section, choose “SCCM” and hit next. Do not distribute to your PXE point.
  6. Hit “Next” untill it finishes and you will be done updating the distribution points.
  7. Hit “Close” and You should be done.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions/problems!

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