Installers and Silent Switches

20 Mar

This post will cover the different types of installers I’ve encountered when making automated installations in SCCM.

Installer Types

The types of installers I’ve encountered.

  1. MSI Installers
    • For setup files that use Windows Installer or Microsoft installer, use the following command-line syntax.
    • msiexec /i file.msi /qb
  2. InstallShield variant 1
    • To silently install using installshield, it is necessary to have a “answer file”. A file named “setup.iss” is configured during the record phase. All changes/additions during this manual installation phase will be recorded in the “setup.iss” file.
    • Use the command below.
      setup.exe /r
    • After running through the installation, a file called “setup.iss” will be made in your “C:\Windows” directory. Place this file in the same directory as your setup.exe.
    • Uninstall the program you just installed. This will ensure a clean install.
    • Remove “/r” and replace with “/s”, like so.
      setup.exe /s
  3. InstallShield Variant 2
    • In some versions of InstallShield different switches are used. Its always worth trying one of these commands:
      setup.exe /s
      setup.exe /silent
      setup.exe /quiet
  4. Copy the installation directory.
    • Some programs are portable enough that you can install them manually, zip the installation directory and move it to another machine
    • Use the command xcopy to copy the installation files.
    • XCOPY syntax:
      • XCOPY source [destination] [options]
      • Examples:
        xcopy putty.exe %systemroot%
        xcopy "\*.*' %systemroot%
Please leave a comment for any questions/problems!

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2 responses to “Installers and Silent Switches

  1. dskp

    July 26, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    This absolutely saved my ass…I kinda told the business I can deploy the activex but I was running into issues with sccm..just when I was about to sweat I found this article and now I will be able to meet the Aug 1 deadline…I owe you one

    • win1337ist

      August 6, 2012 at 5:20 pm

      Glad it worked out for you! Its amazing how simple it is once you have the switches and examples.


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