Quick Note on Finding SharePoint Central Admin Site

05 Apr

This is a small quick guide on finding your Central Administration site in SharePoint Foundation 2010.

Recently I wanted to change my upload limit when uploading multiple documents. This required that I login to my SharePoint Server’s Central Administration site.
I knew that the Share Point Central Administration website had a web address like:

https://sharepoint:#(<random port number>)”, but I couldn’t remember the port.

Steps for finding your Central Administration URL:

  1. Start out by logging on to your SharePoint server with Remote Desktop. Run Server Manager
  2. Expand “Roles”, then “Web Server (IIS)”, then click on “Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager”
  3. Expand your SharePoint server, then expand “sites”
  4. You should see your Central Administration site here. right click on your SharePoint Central Administration, and click on “Edit Bindings”. This will show you what port your Central Administration Website is using.

So once you find out what port your Central Administration is using, type that into your web browser.

Should look something like this -> https://sharepoint:12345

Great you’re done. You should now be able to access Central Administration.



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